Manzini1For more than 50 years MANZINI YOUTH CARE (MYC)  in Swaziland has provided support and care for homeless and marginalised youth, who would otherwise be living on the streets. Based on the guiding principals of the Salesians, MYC's holistic approach provides the basics of food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment, education, skills training, assistance with job placement or self-employment, and moral and spiritual development.


Through the support of many international and local donors, MYC has extended its commitment to marginalised and underprivileged youth. MYC has responded to the needs of the community and developed social, educational and entrepreneurial projects in addition to its residential homes. The fundamental aim of every project is to address problems caused by poverty, so the most needy are able to look forward to a more sustainable and hopeful future.


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DON BOSCO MISSION, MALKERNS  The 11 acre property was acquired for Emalengeni E300 per acre, and the final transfer took place on 30th April 1973. 


Don Bosco High School, Malkerns    After getting approval from the local education authority and Chief Lusendo, Fr Pat Flemming secured the initial funding from the mission office in Pallaskenry and from a tour of his diocese in Ireland, as well as financial aid from the German Catholic bishops under their agency Miseor. 

The school was first used on 26th January 1983, 2 classrooms were furnished with desks and chairs. The other 2 classrooms, despite having little or no furniture, had to accommodate Fr John Butler, the Headmaster, his small staff as well as a supply for a science laboratory.

The qualified and experienced Salesian headmaster had 2 degrees both obtained at University of Dublin. Of the 3 staff members, 2 were school leavers with no teaching qualifications and a retired teacher.

In subsequent years a Science Laboratory, metal work shop, Technical drawing room, 2 animal houses for agriculture, 6 classrooms and 7 teachers houses were added.

The school hall built in 1975-76 was blessed by the Rector Major and is known as John Bosco Hall.


John Bosco Primary School, Malkerns 

In 1982 the Salesians received a request from Lusito Child Care management unit to take over responsibility for running the project. The request made by Susan Kershaw, Managing Director of the Project, was passed onto the Salesian Sisters (FMA) or The Daughters of Mary Help of Christians.

The sisters had seen a suitable property, next to Mangozeni village.  A quick survey of the village revealed that there were 60 - 70 children not attending school and another 15 children from another village.

After a considerable delay the site was given to the Salesians, to use as a primary school for the children of Malkerns.


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PO Box 391, Malkerns , Swaziland
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